Belgium: Goalkeeper Throws Ball At Ballboy’s Face In Second-Tier Clash Between Royal Antwerp And Tubize (Video)

Alan Duffy

30th, October 2016


From Eden Hazard’s infamous skirmish at the Libery Stadium to West Ham ‘s Adrian being hurried up by a Palace ballboy, we’ve seen more than one heated incident between the players on the pitch and those young whippersnappers charged with returning the ball.

This weekend in Belgium, there was another ballboy drama in Belgium’s Proximus league, with FC Tubize goalkeeper Quentin Beunardeau getting so worked up by the apparent time-wasting of a ballboy, that he threw the ball back in the youngster’s face.


The incident happened during Tubize’s second-tier clash with Royal Antwerp, with Beunardeau’s side 2-0 down. The ballboy behind the goal was in no hurry to give the ball back to the ‘keeper after it went out of play, instead leaving it between two advertising hoardings.

Not surprisingly, this nonchalance annoyed the visiting goalkeeper, who rather lost his head and threw the ball at the youngster, aiming at the teen’s face.

The Antwerp players were understandably outraged by the actions of Beunardeau, leading to a bit of a stand-off before the ref branished a yellow card in the direction of the Tubize man…

What drama!

At least the young lad didn’t seem too upset by the whole episode.

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  1. François Hector Mointaineuff von Woumbleyer says:

    My beloved and dynamic wife went to this game. She’s a sturdy Belgian beauty with a heart of gold and, more importantly, she’s an avid Tubize fan and goes to matches home and away with our teenage son Raphaël. This behaviour isn’t out of character for young Quentin. Back when I was teaching in Le Mans as an assistant English teacher I taught Q at the end of his IB or A-Levels equivalent to those in the U.K (let’s not mention the Brexit stuff haha). Q was a quick learner but had a rotten temper; I remember I was teaching a full class of essentially semi-pro athletes from the Pays de Loire region – a young girl in the class went to put her hand up but young Quentin smacked her hand away. I mean, to this day, and i’m talking 14 years of teaching all over the world (France, Algeria, Martinique, Haiti ((brief charity work)) and now living and teaching in Belgium.) I have never seen such an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, rotten piece of ‘you know what’. I don’t normally flout my professional life in the sphere of the internet but stumbling across this, believe it or not I was actually looking for a recipe to accompany some lamb! And sure as hell I’ve witnessed history repeat itself! As we say in French; ‘C’est la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase!’. Keep up the great writing and maybe I will find that perfect side dish for my wife’s lamb.

  2. Tom Guy says:

    The greatest Pies comment I have ever read.

  3. iCon Kerr says:

    Agreed… and such a great name too!

  4. Bootsy says:

    hahahaha football, bloody hell.
    thanks Francois

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