Portuguese Commercial Sees Cristiano Ronaldo Reenacting Classic Scenes From ‘Home Alone’ (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, November 2016


If you’ve ever wondered just how ‘Home Alone’ would look if the small blonde child playing Kevin McAllister were replaced by a shirtless, oiled, muscle-bound adult male, then wonder no longer – Cristiano Ronaldo is here to oblige.

At the behest of Portugeuese telecommunications company MEO, Ronaldo has recreated several scenes from 1990’s classic of the parental neglect genre, including the iconic ‘aftershave scream’ and the ‘Keep the change, ya filty animal’ bit.

There’s even a cameo from Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores, who looks more like Tommy Cooper every time we see her…

Not bad – that is to say, not nearly as bad as it might have been.

Ronaldo actually comes across an actual functioning human too, which is quite some feat on the producers’ part.

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