MLS: Eastern Conference Final Kick-Off Delayed For Over 20 Minutes While Penalty Area Repainted (Video & Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, November 2016


Around 61,000 fans were stuck quite literally watching paint dry before last night’s MLS Eastern Conference Final between Toronto FC and Montreal Impact.

This was because, just before kick-off, it was noted that the penalty areas at Montreal’s Stade Olympique had been marked out three yards too narrow…

After the players left the pitch following their warm-up, the groundstaff emerged from the tunnel and began taping up the lines, spraying the old 18-yard box green and repainting the entire thing.

This from CBC Sports:

Seventeen minutes after the scheduled kickoff, the capacity crowd of 61,004 cheered as a worker came out to patiently paint the line with a push-machine.

He was followed by a man equipped with what looked like a leaf-blower to dry the freshly laid paint.

Dear oh dear.

Thankfully, a little later than first billed, the match did eventually get underway with the areas freshly widened – Impact winning 3-2 on the night.

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