‘I Honestly Do Not Understand The Decision’ – Porto Midfielder Danilo Sent Off After Being ‘Fouled’ By Referee (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, January 2017



If you think the Premier League has been peppered with befuddling refereeing of late then just you wait to witness this little midweek gem from Portugal.

Indeed, Porto endured a pretty rotten Tuesday night – slumping to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Moreirense in the Taca da Liga (League Cup) while ending the game with just nine men on the pitch.

First to receive his marching orders was defensive midfielder Danilo, who was sent off for the heinous crime of being walked into by the referee, Luis Godinho.

Danilo was promptly shown a second yellow card for obstruction, coming just three minutes after his first caution…

Credit to Godinho for staying on his feet there. He had every right to go down.

Quite understandably, Danilo was rendered incredulous and even took to Instagram after the match to query the ridiculous call:

I have seen and reviewed the footage more than a hundred times and I honestly cannot understand the criteria this gentleman used to make such a decision.

I’ve watched many incidents in football but this was undoubtedly the most shameful!

And you thought Mike Dean was bad.

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  1. 252bcu says:

    Wow!!!! This falls again at the heals of Collins and FIFA who have always coddled and defended terrible decisions (From Cunt Cakir to Mason to Dean). This is the result of years of Lack of accountability!!!

  2. TheHmmmmmmster says:

    How about we send the refs off? Let’s face it, they’re the front line troops for the match-fixers. So paranoid have the rotten cartel become, that they encrypt, in real-time, any microphonic transmissions between officials.

    So why doesn’t the largest bread & circuses sport have the same on-field transparency as rugby, or cricket, hmmm?

    People really need to read Park Life by Nick Varley. Not plugging, just info you should know.

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