St. Johnstone Produce Awful Promo Video For Upcoming Match As Players Lip-Sync To ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’

Chris Wright

25th, January 2017

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In a desperate bid to put bums on seats for this Saturday’s game against Hamilton, some bright spark in St. Johnstone’s PR department decided that what they needed was a good ol’ fashioned promo video.

After giving it a bit of thought, it was further decided that the video should be a lip-sync version of Eiffel 65’s enduring Euro-trance classic ‘Blue (Da-Ba-Dee)’.

Furthermore, it was deigned that the lip-syncing be performed by all of the most awkward and/or least enthusiastic members of The Saints’ squad…

Blimey, if that’s the best they can do to lure fans down to McDiarmid Park then god help them.

They’re fifth in the top-tier for crying out loud.