‘Paranoia’ – Royston ‘Roya2Face’ Drenthe Releases New Hip-Hop Single (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, February 2017



Rejoice fair people of Pies, for Royston Drenthe is dipping his sainted toe back in the rap game.

Roya2Faces, as his mother probably refuses to call him, has dropped a new hip-hop banger entitled ‘Paranoia’…

The Dutch language doesn’t really lend itself to rap – it’s like listening to a flu patient politely attempting to clear his throat for three and a half minutes.

Still, ‘Paranoia’ is a marked improvement on Drenthe’s debut single from 2011 – a soppy tribute to his daughter that sounded suspiciously like ‘Seven Days’ by Craig David…

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  1. syndex says:

    please scrub all pictures of drenthe in an everton shirt we are trying to forget.

    • Chris Wright says:

      Haha! Sorry mate. Now drift away and dream of Denis Stracqualursi…

    • Jimmy the Tiger says:

      Strangely, Drenthe was one of my wife’s favorites during his time at Everton. Of course, she also thought there was a Toffee with a big afro by the name of Marijuana Flamin’, so…

  2. Pill Kessel says:

    Still doesn’t top “Tak Taki” though, which is actually somewhat listenable.

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