‘Prepare To Watch Your Mouths’ – Atlanta United Ultras Terrorise Opposing Fans With Fearsome, Blood-Curdling Chant (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, February 2017



Atlanta United, and specifically their rowdy fans, are already fostering themselves one holy hell of a reputation ahead of their MLS debut next month.

During what we assume was Saturday’s pre-season trip to play Charlestown Battery, the Atlanta ultras formed a fearsome raiding party, leaving the home fans quaking with a barrage of blood-curdling war cries.

Altogether now: “This is Atlanta… Prepare to watch your mouth…”


We try not to snigger at American fans who are obviously new to proper football – they are trying, after all – but they just make it so damn easy.

Exhibit B…

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  1. A Nonny Moose says:

    Yeah, what an embarrassment!

    Not as bad as having a 0-1-1 record against the US in the World Cup, mind you.

  2. ToonArmyTX says:

    Yikes. Yeah, we’re still learning over here. But there are some pretty good ones. The “Our House” rolling chant at FC Dallas for example, and with all the hype over the Iceland clap chant at the Euros, and them claiming to have gotten it in Scotland just a few years ago, well, Seattle Sounders supporters have been doing the EXACT same chant for at least 15+ years, since well before they were in MLS even, calling it “Boom Boom Clap” (admittedly a bad name but it got the point across). Gotta have your downs with your ups. And frankly it’s a damn site better than the sectarian chants in some countries and certainly better than some of the garbage various fans have celebrating rivals’ tragedies.

    • Ruckus member says:

      We call it the Viking clap here in Orlando. And our chants are only cringeworthy if you’re of an opposing team

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