Retro Football: Giovanni Trapattoni’s Immortal Bayern Munich Mega-Rant Is 19 Years Old Today (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, March 2017



Amazingly, it’s now 19 years to the very day that Giovanni Trapattoni unleashed holy hell on the Bayern Munich press room in 1998, embarking on a now infamous rant about the lapse attitude of some of his players.

The three-minute diatribe has worked its way into popular culture in Germany due to the fact that, riled up and unable to express himself fluently in a second language, Trap ended up raving in broken German with an Italian accent.


Highlights include him memorably branding Mehmet Scholl and Mario Basler, who had both recently complained to the press about a lack of playing time, “weak like empty bottles”.

“STRUNZ!” has also become a hallmark, as Trap railed against permanently injured defender Thomas Strunz (while pronouncing his name similarly to a popular Italian expletive) before signing off with “ICH HABE FERTIG!” – “I have finished”, but using ‘have’ in the possessive verb form…

Christ, 19 bloody years ago. It seems like yesterday. Trap’s yammering is still ringing in Pies’ ears from the first time we heard it.

That’s the innate problem with these retro things – they tend to ram home how old and decrepit you truly are.

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  1. Jeremia says:

    Can’t help but feel nostalgic for the times when playing in the Italian league was the highest nobilitation possible…

    • John White says:

      Milan seems hellbent on getting back there (but watch another league wide scandal will cause them to relegated in the next 4 years)

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