FAIL: Ex-Sevilla Striker Luis Fabiano Sent Off After Referee Feigns Headbutt During Brazilian Match (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, March 2017



Luis Fabiano found himself the recipient of one of the softest red cards the Campeonato Carioca has ever seen when the veteran striker was dismissed during the 54th minute of Vasco da Gama’s 2-2 draw with Flamengo on Sunday evening.

Having already picked up a yellow earlier in the match, Fabiano made the mistake of getting all up in the referee’s business only to find that the official had been taking pointers from his hero, one Paul Alcock.

Indeed, the reeling ref milked the “head butt” to the Nth degree, sprawling and flailing backwards before regaining his balance and composure long enough to thrust a red card in Fabiano’s general direction…

The big bloody wimp – although Fabiano hardly emerges blameless.

After all, why go screaming into the ref’s face when you’re already on a yellow? It’s almost as if he wanted to get sent off.

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  1. Ok he made a mistake that he approached too close to the ref, but come on! He even didn’t touch him. Sad and funny video at the same time :O

  2. b says:

    yupp, that’s another fallon d’floor 2017 nominee.

  3. Bruno says:

    The referee didn’t fake a headbutt, Luis Fabiano stepped on the referee’s feet and kind of pushed him with his belly, that’s why he almost fell to the ground (the referee later made the gesture to Luis Fabiano explaining it).
    Well… touching the referee is a red car offense, by the book. So I think the ref did the right thing.

    If Mourinho or Suarez do that, the ban will be 40 matches + 10 million pounds or something.

  4. Straight Dave says:

    From Fabiano’s point-of-view it’s a shame the referee wasn’t Michael Oliver. He 100% would’ve gotten away with that (actually no he probably wouldn’t have, as Fabiano doesn’t happen to be a top England star, oops)

  5. Rob says:

    Good to see the rule about surrounding the ref is being honoured in all countries.

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