MLS: Bastian Schweinsteiger Asked About Possibility Of Winning ‘World Cup’ With Chicage Fire By Confused Reporter (Photos)

Alan Duffy

29th, March 2017

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Bastian Schweinsteiger endured a horrible time at Old Trafford under Jose Mourinho but is now embarking on a new, and hopefully for him, fruitful adventure in the USA.

On his arrival at new club Chicago Fire, Schweinsteiger has created quite a stir, drawing a large crowd to the airport.

However, at an introductory press conference, the German World Cup winner was asked a rather odd question and one which will reinforce the often unfair view that the US is still yet to get fully up to speed with the world of ‘soccer’.

The question (in question) was:

I wonder, with your addition to this team, is it a fair expectation to see a clear pathway towards a World Cup competition to come out of Chicago?.

Schweinsteiger was a bit confused by the silly question, turning to Fire boss Veljko Paunovic for help, before the journalist then re-phrased the question:

Do you expect now that you’re here, Bastian, that a World Cup goal for Chicago Fire is a realistic expectation?.

Not much better, really!

Schweinsteiger chuckled before letting the Chicago Fire General Manager explain that the club won’t be competing for the World Cup.

The German veteran then said:

I think in football everything is realistic and I always believe in the team which I play for that you can win the game.

Even if it is against the best team in the world, you have a chance to win. I experienced it a lot in my career that everything is possible.

Very diplomatic.

A rather odd start to Schweini’s transatlantic adventure!

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