MLS: Ex-Everton ‘Keeper Tim Howard Banned For Three Games After Calling Fan A “Motherf*****”

Alan Duffy

15th, April 2017


Ex-Everton star Tim Howard has found himself on the wrong end of a three game ban after the Colorado Rapids ‘keeper apparently called an opposition fan a “motherf*****”.

The incident happened during Colorado’s clash with Sportin Kansas City last week at the Children’s Mercy Park.

The 38-year-old American confronted fans during his side’s 3-1 defeat, with the Kansas support shouting at him to “go back to Colorado” with the incensed Howard appearing to drop the m/f bomb.

To be fair, football fans, as we all know, can be right lame-ass, mother-friggin’ douchebags.

After the game, poor old Tim then got himself involved in a couple of altercations with Kansas players in a bad night for the star.

Howard’s club have accepted the ban, saying that the actions of the ‘keeper “do not represent the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club or Tim’s character and beliefs, on and off the pitch”.

The statement from the club also said:

Tim Howard made a regrettable mistake for which he is being disciplined by MLS. While this is out of character for Tim, we do not condone these actions.

Everyone at the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club stands behind Tim and we look forward to welcoming him back to the pitch in the near future.

What a naughty young (ish) man he is!

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  1. Moop says:

    I think he said, “f*** your mother.” I heard he grabbed a fan in the tunnel after the game as well. The recorded bit was from second half. I was at this game and behind his goal first half and he was swearing at supporters there as well and flipped them the V. Definitely a group of douchebags that were giving him the business, but a bit surprised by how much he reacted to it.

  2. Alan Duffy says:

    Thanks Moop!

  3. J says:

    Blame Tourette’s

  4. Jarren says:

    After all the shite he must have put up with in the UK, he decides to flip back home?

    Grumpy old man or something?

    • Am says:

      Right?! We couldn’t see what was going on behind the goal in the first half, but in the second half the wind blew the goalfetti straight down and it was obvious Tim was frustrated. Still, he should not have come unraveled… not only has he put up with the crap virtually flung at him by English football fans, but he has also put up with CONCACAF shenanigans (where actual bodily fluids have been thrown at players). From what Moop said, the Cauldron must’ve been laying it on, but come on, he’s got to have thicker skin than that…

      P.S. It’s not “Kansas”, it’s “Kansas City”. The team headquarters are on the Kansas City, Missouri side, while the stadium is in Kansas City, Kansas.

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