Boca Juniors: Slightly Concerning Footage Proves La Bombonera Actually ‘Rocks’ On Matchdays (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, June 2017



It’s well-versed in footballing lore that Boca Juniors’ erstwhile stadium, La Bombonera, is said to ‘rock’ on matchdays.

Indeed, the relentless pogo-ing of the ever-bombastic supporters atop the terraces cause a certain amount of sway.

However, Planet Boca have posted a snippet of slightly worrying footage recorded during a recent match that shows an entire stand coming away from the wall as it undulates back and forth…

Crikey Moses. We’d definitely be eyeing up the emergency exits if we found ourselves sat in those particular seats.

Given that La Bombonera is getting on for 80 years old, it’s perhaps best that this video doesn’t make it into the hands of the Buenos Aires public health and safety department.

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  1. Steve says:

    I really hope someone sees and acts on this…

  2. El Stupido says:

    Well, i tried to find a place on the AFA’s website to file a complaint, but couldn’t find one. It was probably removed due to all the Messi hate sent by CR7’ers…..

    ANYWAY,…..I too hope that someone sees this and does something before people get hurt or killed…..

  3. Martin says:

    It seems like something dangerous, but the building of some stadiums in Argentina have a kind of “movement” that prevents the all structure breaks down. So, the stadium movement is something natural since the day it was buildt.

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