Warp Speed: Introducing Terens Puhiri, Quite Possibly The Fastest Footballer On The Face Of The Planet (With Video Evidence)

Chris Wright

27th, October 2017


Embed from Getty Images

The record for the fastest sprint in Premier League history was set earlier this season when Man City forward Leroy Sane was clocked pootling along at 35.48 kilometres an hour (22.05 mph) during a match.

Over in the Indonesia top flight, a winger by the name of Terens Puhiri looks to have shattered Sane’s time with a lightning break in Monday’s clash between Borneo FC and Mitra Kukar.

Chasing down a loose ball from deep inside his own half, Puhiri engaged warp speed to beat a defender to the punch, swerve past the onrushing goalkeeper and roll the ball into an empty net, all within the space of a few seconds…

Puhiri’s blistering counter-attack saw him scoring Borneo’s third goal in what transpired to be a 4-0 away victory for the mid-table side.

Given that he wasn’t being tracked, we’ll probably never know precisely what top speed Puhiri managed to peak at, but it certainly looks faster than 22mph to the naked eye.