Huddersfield Defender Mathias Jorgensen Offers To Buy Christmas Drink For Every Fan Travelling To Festive Fixture Against Southampton

Chris Wright

21st, December 2017


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Having arrived from Copenhagen in the summer, Mathias Jorgensen has obviously taken a shine to life at Huddersfield and, as such, is keen to give a little back this Christmas.

Indeed, the centre-half, who is nicknamed Zanka (a reference to ‘Cool Runnings’, apparently!), has pledged to buy every hardy fan making the long journey to Southampton on December 23rd a festive tipple as a token of his appreciation for their “amazing” support.

The 27-year-old confirmed as much in a video message posted on social media…

Huddersfield themselves then piped up to clarify that fans will be able to collect Zanka’s vouchers from the turnstiles at St Mary’s but they will only be able to redeem them at the Boxing Day fixture against Stoke at the John Smiths’ Stadium.

It’s estimated that the generous gesture is likely to cost Zanka around £8,000 of his own hard-earned money if every single one of the Terriers’ 2,596 allocation take him up on the offer.

How seasonally spiffing!

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  1. Archer says:

    Bloody hell, what a kerfuffle to claim a bleeding voucher – more trouble than its worth.

    He could just pay for their coach travel down…

  2. Paul says:

    I’m going to be extremely cynical and become a bit of a grynch but this is such a business/ PR move – travel all the way to Southampton to support your club only to be given a voucher in which you have to go to a subsequent game in order to redeem it….

    1) More fans in the stadium on boxing Day (MORE MONEY)
    2) Your club are able to give discount rates on drinks (as Southampton would charge the standard RRP)
    3) The PR for your club looks great

  3. Steve c says:

    Oh stop giving out. He doesn’t have to do anything and it’s obviously gonna be easier to organisee in their own stadium. Obviously there are simpler things he could do (like nothing). How about we just take the gesture as it is and enjoy the fact that someOne being nice

    • Archer says:

      I see your point, Steve C and don’t necessarily want to argue, but it’s hard to view this ‘gesture’ with anything other than cynicism.

      There are any number of ways that it’d be easier to give a ‘gift’ to supporters i.e. stand outside St Mary’s after the game and hand out bottles of Moët to each travelling fan from a big red sack (oo-er).

      He could even do something really mad, like in the style of Juan Mata.

      Just sayin.

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