Garlic King Prawns: Peter Reid Delivers Powerful Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Laurie Cunningham (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, January 2018

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If you were hoping to get through the day without misting up, then think again for Peter Reid is about to play celestial music upon your heart-strings.

First aired in 2013 as part of brilliant ITV documentary ‘First Among Equals: The Laurie Cunningham Story’, several former pros were asked to describe the powerful influence Cunningham had on their lives.

While Ian Wright and Brendan Batson spoke earnestly about Laurie’s grace and dignity in the face of ever-present abuse, Reid took an entirely different tack.

Just wait for football’s greatest bard to appear at the end of the clip, we promise it’s worth it…

We’ll never see garlic king prawns in the same light ever again.

Thank you, Laurie. Thank you, Peter.

(Video via Jim Daly)

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