Modern Football Is Rubbish: Cristiano Ronaldo Uses Mobile Phone To Check Out Facial Injury During Win Over Deportivo (Video)

Alan Duffy

21st, January 2018


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Real Madrid returned to winning ways in convincing fashion on Sunday, with Zinedine Zidane’s struggling side battering Deportivo La Coruna 7-1 at the Bernabeu.

Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo both netted braces, with the latter also indulging in the most Ronaldo-esque behaviour possible.

With the hosts 6-1 up, Ronaldo tried to connect with a cross, only for a defender to catch the Portuguese star in the face with his boot.

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After receiving treatment from the Real medical team, Ronaldo used his physio’s iPhone to check out the damage.

Incredible yet totally unsurprising…

Alas, that wasn’t Ronaldo’s first ego-maniacal move of the game, with the superstar also looking non-plussed after Gareth Bale scored a cracker to put Real 2-1 up.

Ronaldo had gone down very easily in the box just before the goal, and the uber-narcissist seemed more interested in the fact he didn’t win a penalty than in seeing his side take the lead…

At least his talent matches his ego!

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  1. Johnyy says:

    I am the last one who would be defending Ronaldo, but amount of this shit he gets from people like you is unbelievable. All what happened was that the guy next to him propably said “look to see yourself” and handed him that phone.

    Everyone would look. I would look. Even you would look when you will be bleeding from a damnit face or head.

    And here we go, old-fashioned tabloidish bullshit with never ending twisted paragraphs full of “ego-maniak,” “ronaldo-esque behavior,” etc. I mean, really?

    • Lionel M. says:

      I agree. Stop picking on the man.

    • Al Gorilla says:

      Agree with Johnyy here re: the phone business. Having said that, dramatically throwing himself to the ground, throwing a strop because he didn’t get the decision before giving the most begrudging acknowledgement to Bale, is textbook example of “Ronaldo-esque behaviour”. Not to mention Madrid were lucky the goal wasn’t ruled out because he was flailing about right in front of the keeper. None of the Depor players protested, to be fair.

      • A Nonny Moose says:

        I agree that Ronaldo’s antics in front of the goalie were a distraction, but I think the goal should have been ruled out because he should have been booked for a dive before the rest happened.
        That being said, I don’t have any issue with the guy looking at his injury. Having had bloody head injuries myself, I never felt the need to look – I only would have had I been unable to find help. Nevertheless, I can understand wanting to see the injury, and it bothers me not a whit that he did.

    • SuperScottyParker says:

      No ! the guy is a pussie always sulking when things dont go his way.he was on the way to the dressing room,couldn’t he of just waited like the rest of us real men ? no he couldn’t because he’s vain and only loves himself.He made himself look more like an idiot IMO.

    • Jose says:

      Johhny. You are not the last one to be defending Ronaldo, as a matter of fact, here, you are the first one.
      And no, not everybody looks at a phone-mirror to see their injury. Better said, no one does that, Ronaldo is the first I can think of. Can you show me images of anyon else acting silly like this? And as he is ALLWAYS looking at himself on the big screen to see how good he looks after he made a play, this qualyfies as typical ronaldo-esque behaviour, yes. Its textbook.
      The guy is such a joke, just look a how he is standing at the tip of his toes when the teamphoto is being made ffs, just so he would look like the tallest man on the team. He’s just a whole new definition of pathetic.

  2. maria says:

    Indeed, if I had blood running down my face I’d be interested to see what the damage was.

  3. gamblino says:

    He’s pathetic. It’s not using the phone that’s the problem, it’s the vain OTT reaction to seeing his little scratch in it. Shit like that gradually eats away at the credibility of what little remains of the ‘sport’.

    • Beano says:

      On the one hand I understand wanting to see what’s what when there’s any amount of blood coming from your face. On the other, that little look Ronaldo gives, like a “how dare he?” look of disgust is probably why so many people have disdain for the man despite his unmistakable talent.

  4. Sens Sword says:

    So, why did the posted comments for this article disappear? Where did they go?

  5. Not Alan Duffy says:

    Still won’t post comments, eh, buddy?

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