FAIL: Goalkeeper In Ethiopian League Clash Throws Ball Into Own Net, Pretends It Didn’t Happen (Video)

Alan Duffy

28th, March 2018


Goalkeepers don’t have it easy. While a midfielder’s errant pass rarely ends in a goal for the opposition, any mistake from a ‘keeper is liable to be swiftly punished.

During an Ethiopian top-flight clash this week between Welwalo Adigrat University and Fasil Kenema, the Welwalo goalkeeper found himself on the wrong end of an utter howler, with the poor chap somehow managing to throw the ball into his own net.

However, rather than accept the error, the ‘keeper tried to carry on, hoping that none of the players or the officials… or the crowd… or the cameras had noticed.

Alas his clever ruse didn’t work!

Still, fair dues to the bloke for trying but, alas, no need for VAR this time.

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  1. Negasi Pernyataan Majemuk Izaak says:

    What a charming young man i know Abel Ahmand from high school he was always throwing school books thas why ama lawyer and he football

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