Euro U17 Finals: Ireland Lose To Netherlands In Dramatic Penalty Shootout After Goalkeeper Sent Off For Coming Off Line (Video)

Alan Duffy

14th, May 2018


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The Republic of Ireland were knocked out of the European Under-17 Championships in controversial circumstances on Tuesday evening.

After playing out a 1-1 draw with the Netherlands at Chesterfield’s Proact Stadium, the Irish were faced with a penalty shoot-out to see who would progress to the semi-finals, where England lay in wait.

Norwich City’s Adam Idah missed Ireland’s first spot-kick, with the following four players for the Dutch and for the Irish all scoring with theirs.

Daishawn Redan then stepped forward, knowing his spot-kick would win the clash for the Dutch.

However, the Chelsea starlet saw his effort saved by Jimmy Corcoran.

Alas, for the Irish, referee Zbynek Proske judged Corcoran (correctly) to have been well off his line when making the save.

The official then, somewhat surprisingly and rather harshly, booked Corcoran for the infringement and with the youngster already on a yellow, the distraught teen was dismissed.

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Centre-half Oisin McEntee was forced to take over goalkeeping duties but Redan coolly fired home the retaken penalty to put the Netherlands through to the last four.

Ireland senior team boss Martin O’Neill, who had been watching in the stands with his No. 2 Roy Keane, was incensed by the decision and confronted the ref on the pitch.

Here’s the whole bizarre, dramatic and highly contentious episode in full…

Proper penalty drama, that, but a painful and rather harsh way to exit for the young Boys in Green.

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  1. ChrisCan says:

    The commentators say that this refereeing is disgraceful, but what’s really the disgrace here is their lack of knowledge of the Laws of the Game. I’m a fairly high level referee, and I fully agree with the decisions that this referee made.

    For one, Corcoran (the goalkeeper) takes two large steps off the line before the ball is kicked. For this, the kick must be retaken. Per IFAB’s revisions to the Laws of the Game for 2016/17, this now also MUST result in a yellow card for the goalkeeper.

    The commentators then act surprised that Ireland is “choosing not to risk” their backup goalkeeper, and state that Ireland definitely had substitutions remaining at the end of extra time that they could now make use of. The reality is that the 11 players on the pitch at the end of extra time are the 11 that get to participate in the kicks from the mark (which is, funnily enough, never once referred to as a penalty shootout in the Laws), regardless of any unusual circumstances (injuries, red cards, etc.).

    So again, the referee handled this situation perfectly, the commentators had a shocker, and even Martin O’Neill seemingly didn’t know the proper application of the Laws of the Game when he saw it.

  2. ChrisCan says:

    P.S. If Pies ever needs the opinion of a match official and student of the Laws of the Game, I’m more than happy to be your resident referee specialist — free of charge, at that!

  3. Darren says:

    Then why only warn the Dutch keeper….twice If what your saying is correct above(he jumped forward from behind the line and still had one foot on the line) if youre yellow carding him for that then the Dutch keeper should also been too..who was a mile over the line for the first peno save Consistency is all one looks for

  4. Jonny says:

    Agree completely with ChrisCan. I’m only a Level 7 referee and it never ceases to amaze me when commentators, pundits, and even staff and players don’t know the Laws of the Game – it’s a bad influence on future players.

  5. Tom says:

    Chriscan’t have any mates

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