Portuguese Cup Final Match Ball Delivered To Referee Before Kick-Off Using Mysterious Arcane Sorcery (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, May 2018


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Desportivo Aves caused a bit of a shock in the Portuguese Cup final on Sunday when they beat Sporting Lisbon to lift the trophy for the first time in their 88-year existence.

Aves finished 13th in the Primeira Liga this season having only ever spent three seasons in the top flight of Portuguese football, but nevertheless managed a 2-1 victory over Sporting, who have won the Taca no less than 16 times before.

However, regardless of the result, the most astonishing moment of the afternoon came before kick-off when the match ball was delivered to the referee using some form of evil arcane sorcery…

What the effin’ Jeff?

Seriously… how?

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  1. Murray says:

    Last year, the ball was presented by a man atop a flying drone. This year is comparably normal, IMO.

  2. Nuno says:

    Ahah we already had last year cup final with the ball being delivered by a guy on a (sort of) hoverboard/drone, guess we had try and one-up (though it seems the ball should just hanging from a drone, up away from the image – but you never want to know how “magic” tricks are done).

  3. Nuno says:

    Also maybe referring the Sporting players were not exactly 100% into the game, as you may be aware they were beaten by their own supporters last Tuesday, and only trained once last week, on Friday. Nonetheless, congratulations for Desportivo das Aves!

  4. VieuxSang says:

    The same mystical air which inspires Portuguese sculptors, no doubt.

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