FAIL: FC Tokyo Youth Team Make Mess Of Fiendishly Constructed Free-Kick Routine (Video)

Alan Duffy

21st, July 2018

There is a fine line between clever and stupid, as FC Tokyo’s under 17 side found out during their Gothia Cup clash with IFK Göteborg in Sweden.

Constructing the most complicated free-kick routine in history, with two players of their players kneeling in the wall before dropping to the ground.

However, unfortunately, the free-kick taker scuffed his effort which came back off his prone teammate’s head. Unless that was all part of the plan?

Anyway, it failed miserably..

10 out of 10 for originality but 0/10 for execution.

The semi-final game would end with Göteborg running out 2-0 winners, with Tokyo no doubt going back to the dead-ball drawing-board.

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