Hard Shoulder: Neymar Barges Child To Ground During 5-A-Side Match After Being Tackled By Youngster (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, July 2018


By Jack Beresford

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Neymar was left looking rather daft once again after he was filmed committing a cynical tackle on a budding footballer who had the temerity to tackle him during a charity 5-a-side match.

The PSG striker took part in the ‘Neymar Fives’ tournament (held every year to raise funds for his Neymar Junior Project Institute) in Sao Paulo and things seemed to be ticking along just fine until one of his young guests did the unthinkable and dispossessed the host.

Neymar was having absolutely none of that insubordination and quickly set about to make amends with an illegal shoulder barge.

His opponent, to his credit, didn’t take the foul lying down either, appealing to the referee to stop the game.

The match official duly obliged, leaving Neymar looking even more embarrassed.

Though the Brazilian tried to laugh the incident off with a wry smile, he was clearly far from happy at being shown up in an event set up in his own name.

The fussy little git.

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    Stick to your baked beans and countdown Jack. Students in this country get it all too bloody easy. Neymar has been unfairly criticised! He is playing his way and earning his money HIS way. Peace x

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