Paw Form: Heroic Dog Charges Onto Pitch And Saves Penalty During Ecuadorian Amateur Match (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, November 2018

Forgive us the sketchy details, but what you’re about to see comes from what we believe to be an amateur 5-a-side game somewhere in Ecuador.

It’s also a cut about your average ‘dog invades pitch’ snippet, because this intrepid hound doesn’t merely settle for disrupting play for a few minutes.

Nay, in fact this pup times his encroachment so expertly that he ends up saving a penalty…

The striker may have sent the human goalkeeper the wrong way, but he didn’t reckon with having to beat his little canine accomplice too.

Team work: It’s what makes the dream work.

(Video: @hectorf_oviedo/Twitter)

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