‘Can’t Wait To Save You From Your Misery’ – Brighton Fan Serenades Imaginary Future Girlfriend From Afar In Ever So Slightly Creepy Ditty (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, December 2018

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We can’t imagine that Brighton command a massive international following around the world, but the club’s cause has hardly been helped by the following amateur troubadour and his affiliation to the cause.

With his flag pinned up on the wall (eerily reminiscent of a terrorist hostage video) and his whistle around his neck (?), this New York-based Seagulls fan swiftly launches into a spirited but incredibly weird ditty in which he serenades his imaginary future girlfriend as she lies in the arms of her imaginary current boyfriend.

If this guy ever arrives in Sussex as threatened, he should be immediately detained at the county border and interrogated intensely.

In short, this is quite possibly the creepiest fan-made football song we’ve heard since The Emile Heskey Rap – and that’s saying something.

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1 Comment

  1. GullFan says:

    Chris Wright, I suspect you lack the sense of humor to recognize the tongue in cheek nature of the song. Also, since you apparently have vision issues, that’s not a whistle. It’s a necklaces that appears to have both a medallion and a cross on it. Where as his singing may be a bit flat, an international making a funny song and getting views with the the Seagulls as the center is good for the team. Your negativity about it, Chris, I would say … not so much.

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