Brazil: Ronaldinho Scores Hat-Trick Of Rinky Dinky Belters In Beach Football Friendly Against Japan (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, January 2019


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Three days after being inducted into the Maracana Hall of Fame, Ronaldinho was quite literally up to his old tricks again while turning out in a beach football exhibition match between Brazil and Japan on Monday.

The game was essentially a farewell to Selecao beach football legend Jorginho, who personally invited Ronaldinho to come along and join in with the celebrations.

The pair made quite the impression, with Ronaldinho banging in a hat-trick of pearlers while also providing a crafty overhead assist in what proved to be a resounding win for chaps in yellow…

Just something about the sight of Ron glowing in his natural habitat.

If he could’ve played every game on sand during his football career, you get the feeling he probably would have.

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  1. Pete says:

    All well and good until you remember he publicly backed Jair Bolsanaro who wants to return to the oppressive regime of the 80’s. But what do I know, I’m a stupid American whose comments you delete.

    • Paulo says:

      You clearly have no idea of the current situation in Brazil to talk shit like that. Our last president, Dilma, was impeached (imagine how bad a president must be to get impeached) and the one before her, Lula – the ultimate symbol of corruption – is in jail (you must be really dirty to go to jail in a corrupted country like Brazil). The other option to Bolsonaro was Haddad, Lula’s pet, which meant Lula – Act III.

      Between an ex military guy promising to fight corruption and a puppet controlled by a thieve behind bars, we have chosen the ex military guy. Is he ideal, Bolsonaro? No, but it’s better than a fucking thieve.

      Next time read something before talking shit about what you don’t know.

      PS: Brazil vs. Japan on BEACH soccer? That is like a Ferrari against a fat guy on foot… come on.

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