Interviewing Erling Haaland is the worst job in football

Ollie Irish

5th, November 2020

It’s well-known that Erling Haaland gives terrible interviews, but this might be the worst yet, particularly given that he’d just scored two goals for Dortmund against Brugge in the Champions League. By the way, Haaland has referred to his hat-trick balls as his girlfriends, hence the reporter’s question about him sleeping alone.

Haaland can be a playful character but he has admitted he finds interviews very boring – and there’s nothing more boring than watching a Haaland interview; I get the feeling he knows this and plays on it. But being a high-profile footballer means you do a lot of media, and the young Norwegian would help himself if he opened up a bit more. At the moment, he just comes across as a surly, arrogant dick.

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