“Do your voodoo shit!” – Lukaku and Zlatan clash heads during Milan derby

Ollie Irish

27th, January 2021

Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahomovic, the two alpha males at Inter and Milan respectively, literally clashed heads during Tuesday’s derby in the Coppa Italia.

The handbags kicked off after Lukaku was barged off the ball cynically by Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli. Zlatan then stepped in to try to assert his dominance – he has a reputation to maintain, after all. There followed an exchange that supposedly went something like this:

Oooh, my dad’s harder than your dad etc. etc. (Reminder that Lukaku and Zlatan were team-mates at Manchester United.)

For context, it seems the voodoo reference dates back to a story Everton owner Farshad Moshiri concocted a couple of years ago about Lukaku claiming he’d received some sort of spiritual ‘voodoo’ message that told him not to re-sign for Everton. Even knowing this, it’s still out of order for Zlatan to reference it – he knew what he was doing.

Lukaku had the last laugh, though, in more ways than one. Not only was Zlatan sent off in the second half, but a superb Christian Eriksen free-kick sealed a dramatic late win for Inter. Tiziano Crudeli in shambles.

Match highlights:

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