Thierry Henry Injures Dallas Keeper Kevin Hartman In MLS Game, Avoids Suspension

Ollie Irish

21st, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Va Va Fail…

So Thierry Henry is actually the devil. Who knew!? This was a mean-spirited ‘challenge’ by the Frenchman, not to mention totally unnecessary. Somehow Henry avoided further punishment for the incident (apart from a measly $2,000 fine – what’s that, an hour’s work for TH?), which has left Hartman sidelined for several weeks.

This angered Harman’s agent, the brilliantly named Ron Waxman, who frothed: “The members of the disciplinary committee should be embarrassed and ashamed. It’s either no punishment or there must be a suspension. I’m sorry to discover that they’ve established a double standard for the treatment of their marquee players as opposed to the treatment of their rank and file.

“I hope the committee members can look themselves in the mirror at halftime of that game while Kevin Hartman, who was having a much better year than Henry, sits at home recovering from an injury at the hands of a reckless action, which is going virtually unpunished.”

Ron Waxman, there is awesomeness in you. Ron concluded: “Trying to weasel out of suspending Henry by stating that Kevin ‘stepped into the path of the ball’ is shameful. He didn’t step into the ball, and Henry took a long run-up to the ball well after the goal was scored.”

I guess Henry is frustrated that MLS is a tougher nut to crack than he thought it would be. You don’t get paid to take a holiday, Thierry.

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  1. samhumphreys says:

    Don’t see an awful lot in it myself, he is obviously a little frustrated but isn’t trying to hurt him, the goalie putting his ankle in the way is what injured him.

  2. Do you really think it was a mean-spirited “challenge?” Have you really never played this sport before or are you are just capitalizing on American soccer-ignorance to increase your readership?

    Henry was only trying to kick the ball. Hartman intentionally tried to block the shot. The pointless act Henry’s. The stupid act is Hartman’s.

    Do you really think Henry thought, “Sacre bleu! I just escored le but against zis stupid Americain. I shall now injure his knee by intricately kicking ze ball in such a way zat his MCL will undoubtedly twist awkwardly. Allez! Victoire!”

    Nomatter how unneccesary Henry’s actions, Hartman stepped into it and if he got hurt it is his own fault. Just look at his expression. It’s more shame than anger. That’s a man that is thinking he hurt himself in a stupid way and let his team down.

  3. Meji says:

    there goes his MCL. that shit happened to me. didnt think henry meant to actually kick the dude tho

  4. tom says:

    eric from dallas is literaly a moron.

    I don’t know how the ball was dead (goal, goal kick, free kick, corner etc.) but it looked a lot like henry didn’t belong in that box and it looked a lot like he was kicking it nowhere for no particular reason. A goalkeeper blocking a strikers kick? How dare he!

    The fact is that the goal keeper would still be fit if Henry didn’t run and kick that ball, if Henry had no business being in the box and kicking the ball then it is entirely his fault.

    Ron Waxman knows his sh1t. Henry was fined and therefore the MLS (or whoever decided it) has accepted that he was guilty and have obviously not punished him due to his reputation (which incidentaly lays in tatters in europe after his luke warm time at Barca, his cheating against Ireland to get to the world cup and the farce that was the French in Seth Efrica). Unfortunately our American cousins this sort of behaviour exists in English football too so you better get used to the rich and famous getting preferential treatment which is hardly a concept foreign to American society anyway.

  5. Mojo says:

    The goalie was dumb. He put his foot in front of an angry striker… he should grow a pair. Looks like a challenge you might see in primary school football.

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