Juventus Cheat Milos Krasic Dives Again (Video)

Ollie Irish

25th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

My main recollection of Man City vs Juventus in the Europa League a few weeks ago is the shameful diving of Juve’s Milos Krasic – I could hardly believe how blatantly the Serbian winger went to ground. Well, it looks like Krasic is a serial offender. Here he is falling over some grass just this weekend in Serie A vs Bologna:

So he won (conned) a penalty, which Juve then failed to convert (near-instant karma – the game ended goalless). Even better, Krasic is set to be punished retrospectively for his simulation. Cheating tosser.

Via Caught Offside

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  1. Absinto says:

    Krasic is a fucking diver !

  2. ZACK says:

    could it be ,that you are just pissed because Krasic which is definitely one of the best players in the world didn’t sign for man city?

  3. John says:

    In the Man City game, you need to pay attention and should have watched the replay. Kompany had his foot in, made the necessary contact, put his hands up and back in the ‘I am a cheat and I wish to look innocent on making contact with the player’ gesture, and the ref bought it.

    If “cheating tosser” my some illiterate gimp who cannot be bothered to “recall” what was shown (and repeated) during the Man.City game, passes for some standard of acceptable journalism, then it is a lesson learned not to bother visiting this p!ss poor website again. Thanks for the demo of your crappyness.

  4. monsta winger says:

    Krasic is a beast!

  5. Adam Johnson says:

    Well it’s very stupid thing to be punished about, because the Italian league is all about faking fouls, and staying on the ground as much as possible.. There everyone does it like this, Totti fakes fouls, Ronaldinho fakes it, Inzaghi fakes it, why would Krasic be different in that league? There just players doesn’t want to have contact with opposite players!

  6. Chris5451 says:

    Yes unfortunately it does happen in italy,but not only there,but that is the reason why he was banned for 2 games ,to stop this crap,right!

  7. John Smith says:

    Soft-arsed euros. BRITISH players just get on with it, none of this bloody rolling around crap as if hit by a 303 round. These cheats cannot have any pride of self, because to ‘achieve’ by cheating is worth NOTHING. I support 100% the ban, we need to get this out of the English game too – DROGBA and CHAMAKH are 2 of the worst.

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