Kevin Muscat Walks Into Horror Tackle Hall Of Fame With Melbourne Derby Shocker (Video)

Ollie Irish

22nd, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Yet more proof that Muscat is a bully and a coward, not to mention a mediocre footballer. Not for nothing is he despised by many fellow pros.

Young Adrian Zahra, the victim of Muscat’s reckless challenge, may now be out of action for as long as 12 months with a knee injury. Muscat will be back across the white line much sooner, alas, though at least he was sent off – and can you believe he tried to defend himself!?

For the record, the Melbourne derby finished 2-2.

Spotter’s badge: Simon Wallis

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  1. SeanBCFC says:

    it’s okay! he put his hand up!

  2. Jonas says:

    Mark Bosnich scrubs up well!
    He used to look like a tramp, dirtier than that tackle.

  3. gamblino says:

    What an absolute disgrace! Can’t believe the horrible bastard is still playing, especially considering the number of careers he’s ended/nearly ended!

    Almost did Bellamy for good though. Muzzy’s gonna get ya..

  4. Grant says:

    Say what you want about new-fangled leagues like MLS and the A-League, but at least we’ve got one thing right.

    Blood and guts derbies that are as dirty as the day is long.

    Good on you, Oz.

  5. cook says:

    kevin muscat! you’re a wanker! you’re a wanker! bloody norrie, i haven’t seen a player more undeserving a football contract (let alone the captains armband) since joey barton! hopefully melbourne come over to perth so us glory shed boys can give him shit ;) i agree with grant about the derbies, but this is too far.

  6. goonerdan says:

    how can you say good on you Oz?! That’s a disgusting tackle.

    apparently that player is out for up to a year, hope Muscat goes to jail or gets attacked by a group of pitbulls.

  7. Grant says:

    Take a look at some Chivas USA-LA Galaxy highlights.

    If you’re not going to have good footy, you might as well have blood and thunder footy.

    I agree that the tackle is awful, and the guy deserves a 6 match ban or more, but there’s nothing that makes derbies matter more than stuff like this.

    And when you have a shit league in a country with no footy culture like Oz and the States, there’s nothing wrong with at least making the derbies matter.

  8. spectator says:

    as an australian i’m ashamed he was ever allowed to play for us, he’s an embarrassing relic of australian football’s crudest days. i can’t wait for him to retire and i hope players like him are demonstrated in our academies as an example of what not to be.

  9. Kate says:

    Muscat is a scum bag. No matter how many dick acts he does he still gets defended by people. that tackle was a disgrace. the worst thing is that adrian zahra is a young and upcoming player who could face 12months out.

    2 weeks earlier, musc**t elbowed adam hughes in the back of the head (got sent off) and the commentator paul f**king trimboli defended him by saying it was “typical cheeky muscat”


  10. Ken Oath says:

    To all the wannabe tough guys thinking Muscats tackle was uber cool.

    Yus just sound as cowardly as Muscat himself defending his actions.

    Muscat would of never contemplated doing a tackle like that on a Vinnie Jones. No way hose. Why because he is the definition of coward.

    All Muscat has successed in doing is wrecking a carear for an up n coming Footballers called Adrian Zahara.

    Bye bye Kevin

  11. DaisyGirl says:

    This man is an animal and a shite footballer. Slater said he should be out as long as the young lad is out……….. Great rule to bring in by the way.

    If Muscat was suspended as long as the injury it would be enough punishment.

    This dirty Hun Tramp used to do the same when he played in Scotland although he’d get a bit of medicine back. He’s a diabolical player and the dopey Aussie’s hand him a captains role, yeah nice one skippy.

    Hopefully he gets ill soon.

  12. Bass says:

    Coward. Its easy to break young lads up in the A league. They’re not gonna stand up to him are they?

    He’s a fukkkkkin windbag of the highest order. His best mate has similar traits, Craig Moore, terrible footballers but learnt a great trade(danger tackles) on the blue side of Glasgow.

    Both playing in the A league and getting selected regularly for Australia.


  13. bradford says:

    i went to this match, i go to every match and the heart came from 2-0 down. we deserved a win. muscat is a pig. he is a disgusting mungrel. victory will never live this down. they have the biggest disgrace of a footballer in their team, and he wears the captains armband. it just epitomises how filthy victory are.

    we play attacking beautiful football and they play like sam allardyce is te gaffer and have player like this.


  14. Connor says:

    don’t drag joey barton into this, he’s quietly working his way towards a shock england callup

  15. mizman says:

    im pretty sure this is the most horrific tackle i have ever seen

  16. Billy Vigicivkovukovofksky says:

    Unfortunately Kevin Muscat is the only thing that makes the A-League mildly interesting. A 7,000 crowd average is testament to that.

  17. Tinez says:

    It’s sickening to see the tacklers reaction, seemingly he is disappointed to have been sent off. Total disgrace.

  18. Dozo says:

    Get the bastard banned for life. I suffered a similar tackle 10 yrs ago and never played again.

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  20. outkast says:


    […]Kevin Muscat Walks Into Horror Tackle Hall Of Fame With Melbourne Derby Shocker (Video) » Who Ate all the Pies[…]…

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