USA men’s team spanked 3-1 by the mighty Costa Rica (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

5th, June 2009


Landycakes is not happy. Tim Howard is not happy. Carlos Bocanegra is… you get the message.
Bonus fact! Landon Donovan’s voice is being used by the US military as a new form of smart weapon: a 20-second clip of Landycakes speaking is enough to put even the most alert of enemies into a deep coma from which they’ll never awake.
As T-Ho, says, the USA is supposed to be the strongest team in the region, and although this defeat in a World Cup qualifier won’t stop them making it to South Africa 2010 (FIFA makes it very easy on the States, because it wouldn’t do to have a World Cup these days without US networks and viewers on board), it doesn’t look good to lose to a nation who entire population (4.2 million) is roughly half that of New York City’s.
Watch highlights of Costa Rica’s triumph below…

Some awful defending by the US there, especially for CR’s third goal.
Next up for the USA? Honduras, on Saturday in Chicago. Ooh, tough game.

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  1. Tommy says:

    this was a truely horrible game…..really…Bob Bradley is surely the worst manager in the world, okay maybe not, but for sure the worst manager for a top 25 fifa rated team…
    I understand most of his players are crap but lets be honest…its costa rica…granted, they havent lost in San Jose in something like 14 internationals but come on….
    I am from the US but i havent the hardest time following the squad, i almost want them to do bad…when people are calling landycakes the best player in the country i have to laugh and then i become depressed….because its almost true….
    The defending on that third goal was laughable…michael bradley did just chase him from midfield, but they were acting like he was messi or something….and messi he is not…
    imagine this team facing spain or really anyone who isnt terrible…i guess we will see a little in the confederations cup….the USA is in a group with Brazil, Italy, and Egypt…Doesnt sound promising….
    do i know the answer? no…i wish i did but maybe we should support football over here and learn to grow some talent…we have athletes, just not ones that play football…or maybe we can go the asian route and make it really easy to become a US citizen, South American rejects come see us!

  2. Ollie says:

    I think it’s safe to say the US has a lot of room for improvement before South Africa – otherwise they won’t even get out of their group.

  3. jeneria says:

    It was a pathetic display by the US, to
    be certain; but I fail to see how it’s FIFA
    making it easy on the US for World Cup
    qualifying. Aren’t the groups
    determined by geography? Just what
    other countries should the US be
    playing? I agree that the US doesn’t
    usually have much stiff competition from
    other CONCACAF teams, and that usually
    bites the US in the ass as soon as they
    go up against the rest of the world.
    I’d just like to hear some suggestions
    about how FIFA should be treating the
    US or if you’re talking a overhaul of the
    geographically based groups overall.

  4. Ollie says:

    You have a point Jeneria – the US is very lucky in terms of geography. But perhaps all the Americas could be split into four qualifying groups, a la Europe?

  5. Tommy says:

    i agree with all you say for sure, no doubt at all…but CONCACAF only gets 3 guaranteed spots, least of any confederation….there is the possible 4th that comes from the playoff but still 3 is not many…then its south america with 4….asia and oceania with 5…africa with 6…and europe with 13…
    i think the system works okay…there is always a european squad (i.e. holland) that always slips up and doesnt make it but its a pretty good cross section….asia with 4/5 and africa with 6 this time may be a little much….but i think it will all work out….
    so do i think the US would qualify if it got combined with SA, maybe not, but there are worse confederations for me…asia and africa…
    i dont know what i am trying to say but i had to say something….

  6. Chris says:

    The US tends to play to the level of its competition. Look at the last 12 months – poor performances vs. El Salvador and Costa Rica, solid win vs. Mexico, steamrolled Barbados and Cuba – and the friendlies – respectable 1-0 loss to Spain, solid 0-0 vs. Argentina (I was there – 10-man 2nd half for the US, Mascherano sent off at the end, Tim Howard massive), mediocre loss to England (stale, tired performance for both teams – US toothless).
    Mexico is somewhat similar. Apart from their problems vs. the US, they play the top teams fairly well.
    CONCACAF is what it is – a region with three large countries and a collection of ankle-biters. If Canada ever get their act together, it will be very difficult for the Central American and Carribean teams to qualify for the World Cup.

  7. jeneria says:

    Good points all around. I don’t think the
    US is a terrible team and I quite like
    Bradley as a manager. I don’t understand
    rooting against them if you’re from the US.
    You can’t say we need to support soccer
    in one breath and then crap on the
    national team in the next breath. I
    support the US.
    They are my first team and then I root
    for the bipolar hilarity that is England’s
    national team. Sometimes I think England
    would be well served to not qualify for once.
    They’ve been limping along for years now,
    I agree that Landon Donovan is not the
    best US player and that until the US stops
    making him the centerpiece of the team,
    the US is going to struggle. It’s already
    been demonstrated at two World Cups that
    Donovan chokes on a major stage.
    But the US has a good crop of young guys
    to draw from and I have faith they will
    qualify for the World Cup. Whether they
    actually show up to the Cup is an entirely
    different question.

  8. Tommy says:

    nice comments jeneria….sorry if i didnt make myself clear but i do not root against them per say…i want them to do well and i really try to support them…i just have a really hard time doing it…You are correct in saying that the US is not a terrible team…that is what is so frustrating…They play so so well against the big guys…think US-Italy in WC 06 when DeRossi smashed McBrides face in…and then play horrible down against the guppies…
    For me they lack the killer instinct and lack steel…We need a Gattuso or I would even take a Mark Noble…somebody that is willing to get stuck in and be committed…no matter what…
    My major issue with Bradley is his team selections and tactics…The whole Taylor Twellman debacle gave me a bad taste and all this one forward up front stuff is just hilarious…that stuff doesnt work for the big guys so how will it ever work for us? We just have a problem scoring goals period…we get an odd goal from dempsey or Guch…the only top shelf player i am seeing right now is Michael Bradley…there is a ton of potential but those same players have been needing to come through for a long time…I would also like to see what Edu can do after his surgery…
    Something else…maybe i am not smart but i think Marvell Wynne is terrible…a little pacey but really bad…I cant see giving him the start and not even including Spector in the team…
    The US will for sure qualify no problem…then the media will build up donovon just for him to go missing for the entire tournament just like usual…guch will get a red card and our one forward up front will get swallowed alive by any half rate defense…dempsey and bradley must be on top form for anything to happen…I want beasley to do well but his first touch is so poor and he looks so weak, like the wind could blow him over…but i do want to see them do well, i really do but until the new crop is ready to play, i fear nothing good will happen…
    just my thoughts…

  9. jeneria says:

    You’re spot on with all your assessments.
    Wynne is terrible. That wasn’t just a novice
    playing through nerves, that was epic
    black-hole suckage. Beasley keeps
    getting chances and I’m not sure why. He
    lacks a physical game and as such he is
    more of a non-factor than a play maker.
    Dempsey should be awesome and on form,
    but what I saw against Costa Rica was a
    little bit of a diva coming out of him. That
    doesn’t bode well for the US. Bradley is
    great–as long as he doesn’t get a slew
    of cards. I’d like to see Ching against a
    non CONCACAF team just to see if he’s
    really all that. Altidore could be awesome
    but he’s been sitting on the bench overseas
    and is obviously out of shape for it. Torres
    showed promise and I like Kljestan.
    But yeah, there’s a ton of work to be done

  10. Tommy says:

    Think you are right on as well…I am very worried about Ching, especially by himself…He is great at holding the ball up and being a physical presence but i cant see him making anything for himself…We need somebody to step and take that forward position…Jozy has a chance but he needs to get some games in Spain…Edu scored a few for Rangers so maybe he is the answer…I just hope there is a 16 year old somewhere that realizes he can be the one….
    Where are you from? im not used to hearing sensible football talk where i live….

  11. jeneria says:

    Currently I reside in Milwaukee. My husband
    and I are huge footie fans, it’s the only
    reason we have digital cable! Sadly, we
    are in a sea of NFL and MLB fans so good
    conversation is also hard to come by.

  12. Tommy says:

    well i live in South Carolina, the land of football, baseball, and basketball…although clint dempsey did go to furman which is in the city i live in and clint mathis was at Univ. of South Carolina which is close to where my parents live…

  13. jeneria says:

    Not to hijack this thread, but I did my PhD
    at LSU. So I’m well aware of South
    Cakalaka. As a matter of fact, I’m cooking
    up some S. Carolina style BBQ sauce for

  14. Tommy says:

    ha thats funny, at least we are good for something…

  15. Cid from Indiana says:

    The U.S. has an easy group? I can see why you’d be bitter- it must be soooo stressful trying eke out 4-0 wins against Borat-stan and Andorra. Pot meet kettle.

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