Confederations Cup highlights: Spain 1-0 Iraq, South Africa 2-0 New Zealand

Ollie Irish

18th, June 2009


Despite the scoreline, Spain’s win against Iraq was fairly comfortable, but the European champions didn’t bring their shooting boots and missed several good chances. In the other game in what I like to call “the weakest group in the history of international football”, hosts South Africa notched their first win of the tournament with a dominant performance against a very poor NZ side.
Highlights of both games after the click…

Spain 1-0 Iraq

South Africa 2-0 New Zealand

[Videos @ 101GreatGoals]

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  1. ziyad says:

    i find that abit harsh ollie, spain beat england 2-0 quite comfortably and they let spain play their football, but what iraq did was isolate villa and torres so the midfield couldnt do anything no matter how much they passed the ball around. Also marchena shouldve gotten a sending off for rugby tackling alaa when he was through on goal and that was at 0-0 and i must say if iraq went 1-0 up it would have been over. I am proud of iraq for how they played, nashat akram played better in the center of midfield than any of the spanish players did, and he doesnt have any other amazing midfield partners or the most amazing strikers in the world. Great showing from the iraqis new zealand here we come!!

  2. Ollie says:

    Ziyad, I didn’t mean Iraq didn’t play well – they did a great job, I thought. But Spain never looked like losing.

  3. Louwrens says:

    Being South African is depressing sometimes. Today’s newspapers called it a “2-0 demolition”. DEMOLITION. 2-0. Called Bernard Parker fantastic, when his first goal was a scuffed shot, deflected off Boyens and half-saved, and for his second the cross was basically driven into his thigh and looped in.
    One paper also said we’re “on the verge” of the semi’s. Sorry, we’re not. We’re out of the tournament. We scored two goals against a pretty terrible NZ team then started with the backheels and the flicks and the solo efforts, instead of scoring more goals. We didn’t beat Iraq when we dominated.
    Spain will beat us by more than one goal, probably three or four, and Iraq shouldn’t have a problem beating New Zealand, so their goal difference will be higher than SA’s, and they’ll go through second.
    One mediocre victory and our team are champions of the world, but when we’re knocked out on Saturday the press will slate them and call for heads.
    Can’t we accept that our team is terrible?
    And don’t get me started on those fucking vuvuzelas.

  4. Ollie says:

    Man, those horns are annoying. ruining the tournament for me.

  5. ziyad says:

    ohh sorry ollie. i didnt mean to imply that you were saying bad things about iraq, very proud tho :)

  6. Marvin says:

    Wait until you play the middle eastern teams with their damn drums,…

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