Football at the movies: Rudo y Cursi

Ollie Irish

1st, July 2009

Everyone knows how difficult it is to produce a convincing movie about football; look at the Goal! 3 trailer for evidence.
But Rudo y Cursi, a new film set in Mexico, gets it right - by concentrating on the characters and not the action on the pitch.
The movie is a charming comedy about two brothers (their nicknames, which roughly translat as “Crude” and “Corny”, make up the film’s title) from a poor Mexican family who travel to Mexico City after being spotted by a football scout.

The film is directed by Carlos Cuarón, and stars Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna (who also starred in one of Mexico’s breakout movies, Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was directed by Cuarón’s brother, Alfonso). The chemistry between Bernal and Luna is terrific.
Thank God there are some films out there that can deal with football in a witty and semi-realistic manner, unlike the Goal! series, which is little more than adidas-funded, head-in-the-clouds nonsense.
So go see Rudo y Cursi. It’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it’s worth a look.
Trailer below:

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