Hammarby v Trelleborgs: teenage girl invades pitch, makes dubious gesture at black player

Ollie Irish

6th, July 2009


During a recent Swedish league match between Hammarby and Trelleborgs, a teenage girl invaded the pitch and gestured at Hammarby midfielder Maic Sema. As you can see, Sema happens to be black, and the disturbed invader happens to be making a Nazi salute - at least, that’s the conclusion of our friends over @ 101 Great Goals.
It’s impossible to say if it was a Nazi salute, or if she just has jam for brains. Either way, I’d have preferred it if she had been rugby tackled to the ground, not led away gently by Hammarby’s Fredrik Söderström.

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  1. Oh Hai says:

    She’s walking like she’s had a black cock up her arse but I don’t think that is the Nazi salute.

  2. Fredmeister says:

    Definately jam for brains, definately racist.

  3. Glendon Borg says:

    Damn it Ollie.I think you are the one with jam for brains.Cant u fuckin see that the teenage girl is fuckin disabled?Down Syndrome mate.Now change the title and all.Down Syndrome girl invade pitch.

  4. kaya says:

    LOL… I really had the impression she’s trisomy 21. My mom worked with developmentally disabled people for years, and the truth of the matter is they would blurt out all manner of inappropriate comments.
    Someone might just go and ask the player what she said…

  5. kaya says:

    I guess it wasn’t just me who saw that!
    While her behavior may not seem “special” for a guy, the fact it’s a female gives her away. LOL!

  6. hollis says:

    I’ve put in a fair bit of time with disabled kids. She’s not got Down’s, she’s just a minger who may have had too much to drink.

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