Jim Rome is an ignorant dickface with a suspiciously well-groomed goatee

Ollie Irish

6th, July 2009


Exhibit A:

‘Soccer is a reason to riot.’
‘I don’t hate, I relate.’
‘Soccer still ranks somwhere between World’s Strongest Man and professional poker.’

If you see Jim Rome in the street - he’s the one with the douchebag goatee - don’t let me stop you from throwing your pre-bagged urine sack in his smug face. He’s such an ignoramus that I almost hope the States wins the next World Cup, just to prove him wrong. Almost.

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  1. Stevie the K says:

    Couldn’t agree more, not only for Soccer/Football but in general. Ever since he baited a fight with QB Jim Everett during an interview several years ago. Shameful, useless, all attitude no substance – which is saying something for the TV sports crowd.

  2. Dave says:

    That guy’s a prick but here’s Frank Caliendo doing a pretty funny impression of him.

  3. Murfmensch says:

    A very large segment of the US sports media do not want to have to learn about a new sport. So they pretend they believe soccer is unathletic and unpopular. Rome is just one of the worst.
    They have already lost. ESPN’s numbers for the Brazil match were higher than anything else they could have shown. The Houston Dynamo draw bigger crowds than six or seven English Premier League clubs.
    Frankly, this is no big deal. The US soccer media has been developing its own pundits and they get better each year. Alexi Lalas played in Italy at a high level and was general manager of a club. He brings more than Jim Rome would bring to anything.

  4. louwrens.botha says:

    He reminds me of the radio jocks in the GTA games. “I don’t hate, I relate”. Comedy gold.

  5. Ollie says:

    @ Dave: ha, loving Caliendo there.

  6. Uncle Ed says:

    Yeah, Jim Rome is burning… cause he’s a flamer!
    No idea why people follow him. But even with his hate for Football/soccer he still is forced to talk about the sport he hates.

  7. kaya says:

    Can’t stand him, but the capri sun thing was pretty hilarious. My mom would always bring capri sun when it was her turn to supply the half-time refreshment for my 7/8 year old soccer team…

  8. Rome is an idiot says:

    As someone who lives in the US and also follows American sports, I can assure you Jim Rome is a complete moron. He gets very basic things wrong about widely followed American sports too. Example: the most famous college basketball coach in the US is Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University (he also led the US team to gold at the Beijing Olympics). His name is of Polish origin and pronounced Shi-shevski, which almost everyone knows. How does the idiot Rome say it? Kry-zyuski. And this moron is paid to talk about sports on national television.

  9. Mr. Pingyang says:

    Fuck this prick. Tbis motherfucker doesn’t deserve to live. He should be cut off of live television. I mean how is he kept on live. I mean its like he doesn’t want football to be a main sport in th US. I live in San Francisco now and used to live in West London, Chelsea. If my gang saw him we would slit his throat.

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