Retro Football: Delia Smith’s Timeless ‘Let’s Be Having You!’ Speech At Norwich City, 2005 (Video)

By Chris Wright

In honour of Norwich’s promotion to the Premier League, we felt it was only right to revisit Delia Smith’s (who was clearly a couple of babychams in by that point) rabble-rousing half-time speech during a top flight game against Man City back in 2005…

The score was 2-2 at the interval, though Delia’s stirring (or should that be ‘slurring’?) words failed to inspire her club to victory – with Norwich eventually losing 3-2 courtesy of Robbie Fowler’s injury-time strike.

Still, it’s a stone-cold classic to my mind. Beats that old ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ tosh as a motivational tool any day of the week.