Real Betis vs Tenerife Beautifully Reanimated Using 1,400 Still Photos (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which the Real Betis/Tenerife game from a few weeks ago is re-rendered by way of stitching 1,400 still photographs together in sequence – all produced by the skilled hand of Spanish photographer Selu Vega.

Guaranteed this will either be one of the most ethereal football videos you’ve ever sat through or the quickest you’ve ever felt an Ice Pick migraine set in.

To be honest, we’re getting a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B…

Via the wonderful In Bed With Maradona.

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  1. stuart says:

    my eyes are bleeding after watching that.

  2. Chris also says:

    So cool…

  3. Andrew Thompson says:


  4. King Eric says:

    I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to produce this but surely you could get the same effect by just taking a video and removing frames?

  5. solihullunited says:

    striking! as a photography student ive always dreamt of taking photos at a footy match on pitch level, its very interesting to see the sort of images taken that we viewers dont always see

  6. looch says:

    What song is this??

  7. Tom says:

    Solihullunited – how’s about going to a game to get those angles?!? Plenty of stadia in the uk have seats that are just a couple of meters from the touch line.
    Digital photography is just cheating really isn’t it. As someone else said (Eric I think) it’s basically just video capture with a slow frame rate. Nice video but I’m sure anyone with a medium spec digital camera and a laptop could come up with something very similar in not too long a time.

  8. paddy says:

    I hope he get o do this for tomorrow’s final, its awesome.

  9. red12ah says:

    i think i just had an eargasm and eyegasm at the sametime – is that even possible?

  10. Selu Vega says:

    Hi all!!! Firstable I feel very excited about the words!!!

    I just want to solve some doubts, about the video… the are stills images taken with a D3 from Nikon, with a 70-300 vr nikor lens, and on my first game ever having the oportunitty to makepictures of my dream team. We are very passionate about our team. And I just wanted to cover the game, and have a nice point of view from that important match (we are promoting to La Liga, with more than 50.000 people on the stadium)… but when i started to review the pictures and starting the slideshow of them, I basicly fell in love with the motion scenes I had capture… and decide to do the most emotional and pasional thing I ever made, i just took all of them without throw away anyone, didnt manipulate more than cropping all of the at the same time, and start to look the best audio for the animated thing… that was a long way to pick, but when I heard this on the first time, i keep my faith on my instint, and use it… after i adjust the duration of frames slowly to fit the song, and thats it… really a easy concept…

    Thanks again for comments… it makes me feel very happy!!!

  11. Selu Vega says:

    And the songs name it LA BONITA band: EL REMOLÓN, con LICENCIA CC,
    you can have here…

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