Football Video: England fans have fun with Ukraine cheerleaders

Ollie Irish

13th, October 2009


Those boys will literally cheer anything:

The Ukraine cheerleaders even ended up putting on a proper, choreographed show for the travelling fans:

And time for a snappy souvenir:

“You’re shit but your birds are fit.” Poetic.

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  1. kaya says:

    You’re kidding me. That’s really what they were singing?
    I thought only the NASL had cheerleaders. Good god I’ve always hated cheerleading.

  2. Mac says:

    Give me a F-U-C-K Y-E-A-H what does that speeeeeeell? FUCK YEAH!
    now don’t get me wrong, it’s never good to have anything associated with America in football, but i for one wouldn’t complain should i see some lovelies prancing around in skimpy uniforms during the half time intervals. Beats the shit outta watching the grass being watered down to the tune of some shite pop band blaring through the speakers.

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