Ronaldo’s 62 Brazil Goals In The Space Of Four Minutes (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Does exactly what it says on the tin: all 62 of El Fenomeno’s goals for Brazil in the space of four short minutes…

It’s the stuff that Friday afternoons were made for.

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  1. Tom Jones says:

    The one against Costa Rica in the world cup is a clear own goal. Ronaldo didn’t even touch it.

  2. Dave says:

    truly marvellous player, in my opinion better than pele himself, i miss him.

  3. Daniel says:

    People who argue who is better OG Ronaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo just are fanboys of the player they are supporting because from this video Og Ronaldo plays and scores goals exactly like Cristiano Ronaldo. To me they play eactly the same and for me are equal. One has a world cup yes but the other has a Champions league (yes alot of coaches ares saying now that UCL is actually harder to win because clubs have the ability to buy the best which a Nat team can’t).

  4. DJ says:

    At 26 i can only judge players i have seen since i have been alive and Ronaldo is definitely high up there with being the best, along with Zidane, Messi and Ronaldinho

  5. Turkish says:

    Utd reached the Champions League Final again 2 seasons after Cristiano left. And they lost to Barça again as they did on that final in Rome with Cristiano. You cannot measure a player by how far his team goes on a competition.
    Ronaldo was top goal scorer in Brazil, Holland, Spain, Italy and Spain again. Won that World Cup making a wonderful partnership with Rivaldo and took Brazil to the finals in 1998 taking the team on his back. Cristiano sucks bigtime playing for Portugal. Hee needs a bunch of world class players by his side or he doesn’t deliver.
    Rio Ferdinand said on Twitter the day Ronaldo retired that the Brazilian is one of the top 3 players of all time. And without all the injuries he would have been the best of all time, he added. That’s it.

  6. Turkish says:

    How long would a video with Cristiano’s goals with Portugal take? Maybe 30 seconds? :D

  7. fafaf says:

    My favourite player. A lot of these goals, especially the ones at WC 98 bring back some fond memories.

  8. Turkish says:

    That’s what Rio tweeted:
    rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand
    RONALDO has retired from football…1 of best to ever play the game – injuries prevented him being best ever. gonna have a minutes silence..
    14 Feb Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

  9. furf says:

    I’m sorry but some of these goals seemed way too easy, and do nothing but overrate ronaldo’s abilities. Defending has gotten harder as time goes on, and this video shows it.

  10. wolfinho says:

    ronaldo/c.ronaldo comparisons make no sense. in terms of style, ronaldo is more similar to messi (though i admit i only watched him at inter and madrid). i don’t know who to compare c.ronaldo to, but with his heading ability, outside shooting, set pieces, and general flair, i don’t think he’s that similar to ronaldo. maybe ronaldinho (minus the heading ability) at barca?

    in closing, if you want your child to be good at football, throw a ronald/ronaldo in his name somewhere.

  11. big mean bunny says:

    defending has gotten harder as times gone on? what a comment, those goals aren’t from the 70’s!

    Ronaldo was a rare mix of pace power and skill, the reason’s teams look stretched and chaotic in those videos is because he was brilliant!

  12. Hala Madrid! says:

    Fat Ronaldo had an allstar cast o teammates on Brazil, he had rivaldo, ronaldihno, roberto carlos while Cristiano Ronaldo has absolutely no one of that caliber on Portugal. Cristiano ROnaldo has broken Fat Ronaldos La liga gola total in a season already only in his 2nd year. CR7 has 26 goals for Portugal too so basically half of Fat Ronaldos toatal and Ronaldo still has another 8 years in him unlike Fat Ronaldo who liked to party with shemales and drink all the time.

  13. Joe says:

    The hat trick from the penalty spot against Argentina still makes me laugh, never thought that could happen till then. The guy had a great combination of speed and touch, he made the goals look easy. Lets not forget he has TWO world cup winners medals (although he did nothing but sit on the bench for the first one), I’d take that over a champions league trophy any day.

  14. TheBro says:

    I shed a tear watching this.

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