The Man They Call ‘Batigol’: Gabriel Batistuta (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2011


By Chris Wright

The subject of Pies’ Friday afternoon tribute this week just so happens to be one of my all-time favourites, ever since my grandparents bought me a knock-off ‘Batistuta #9’ Fiorentina shirt home from a market stall in Venezuela (of all places) at the age of ten or eleven.

The ‘Viola’ die washed out almost immediately, but I continued to wear that damn shirt until it came apart at the seams – careering full-tilt shots around my garden, splintering fence panels, losing footballs and putting shed windows through on a regular basis.

Just like ‘Batigol’…

I still enjoy the fact that he always looked so utterly surprised each and every time he scored. After all 250(ish) of them.

While we’re on the subject, reckon you’re in the mood for another 26-more minutes of Batistuta-y goodness to round out your afternoon? Feel free to try this ‘Football Greatest’ documentary on for size…

Part One…

You’ll have to go here for part two, the fool has disabled embedding.

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  1. Vivas says:

    Woah! My obsession with football grew after I received my knock-off Argentina jersey from India as well. Albeit not a Batistuta jersey, I followed him like crazy just for the jersey cause he was the greatest around… aaahhh how I miss those years!!!

  2. Dale says:

    My favourites were the indirect freekicks (particularly at 2.50). You’d have to be a brave cunt to stand in that wall.

  3. big mean bunny says:

    poor mans Steve Bull…

  4. Varun says:

    Batistuta was the 1st footballer is supported as a kid.
    Carried that Fiorentina side on his own back then.

  5. JotaJota says:

    When Batistuta was in Newell’s youth team in Argentina, he started a course on how to fix machines because he did not believe he’d make it pro and was scared he wouldn’t be able to provide his family with any money.

    And when he finally reached pro in Newell’s, the coach at the time told him… “Gabriel, I need you to be more precise with your passes and touches, you have to improve your technique.” Batistuta looked at him and replied… “You just get me in front of the goal and I’ll destroy it.”

  6. gostan says:

    Batistuta is Chad Kroeger’s half brother.

  7. Jay says:

    Awesome vids Chris and Pies. Loving these Friday Footie YouTube Classics….The Batistua documentary was AWESOME. Thanks!!

  8. Ubietz888 says:

    Hey Chris check out the video I uploaded from the mid 90’s. It was an Australian show called ‘On the Ball’ hosted on Saturday’s by Les Murray and Johnny Warren. Stock full of Bati-goals and cheesy mid 90’s dance music. They always finished each show with a compilation. Here’s the clip:

  9. JunioR says:

    This “Football Greatest” is awesome, u should see the others too.


  10. jamie says:

    what a legend. one touch and hit or just HIT!!!

  11. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Couldn’t do much else except score. But boy oh boy could he do scoring damn well! Never forget that goal against Arsenal at the old Wembley. Ka-Boom! Nearly took Seaman’s moustache off!

  12. Muppetfinder General says:

    My parents gave me a full page pic for Xmas of Bati crying like a little girl after Arg went out of the WC in the 1st round, knowing I hated him. It had pride of place framed on my toilet wall.

    So stuff your stupid clips, not listening na na na na…

  13. Ventilan says:

    Varun let me fix that for ya

    “Batistuta was the 1st footballer I supported as a kid.
    He and Rui Costa carried that Fiorentina side on his own back then.”

  14. AUD LESTA UK says:

    anyone who doesnt pick batigol as there all time 9 in there all time team can take a shotgun put my opinion on the cartridges and blow there dumb brains out the greatest 9 ever FACT edmundo put it simply im good ramario is better ronaldo better still but non of us is batistuta A FACTS A FACT the 9 of all 9’s

  15. sukrut says:

    batistuta never won nothing at viola but in 2001 he won it with roma in his first season… but that would never deny that he was loyaly to viola..

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