‘If You Stink, Come And Buy Cologne’ – David Beckham Goes Undercover As Perfume Salesman (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

In which David Beckham goes undercover as ‘Ricky’, a perfume salesman in a department store, for a hidden camera sketch for the Ellen Degeneres show (in a similar vein to the massage parlour ruse the pair pulled last year) and you know what? It isn’t as horrible as it sounds…

In other news, I’m off to watch Forest vs Derby this afternoon, so if you never hear from me again it’s either because a) I’ve gone on some kind of ‘Falling Down’-esque rampage through the centre of Nottingham, or b) I’ve walked straight out of the ground, down the embankment, into the River Trent and just kept on walking.

Via Ellen