South American Linesman Hit With Roll Of Paper, Milks It Like Brawny Bavarian Dairy Maid, Gets Game Called Off

Chris Wright

22nd, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Here we see linesman Milciades Saldivar, flat out on the touchline after being pelted with a projectile during the South American Cup game between Universidad de Chile and Nacional in Montevideo last night…

The ‘projectile’, as can clearly be seen in the photo above, was nothing more than a rolled-up paper streamer – a missile that would weigh no more than a few grammes even if it were wet-through.

Still, that didn’t stop Senor Saldivar from milking the incident for all that it was worth, lying ‘unconscious’ on the floor until he was carted from the pitch by paramedics and loaded into the back of an ambulance while the referee was left with no option other than to call the match off with 43 minutes of the second-half remaining…

Here’s the video of the whole ridiculous debacle…

What a prune.