‘Thick, Naive And An Absolute Disgrace’ – Neil Warnock Vows To Fine The Bejesus Out Of Armand Traore After Villa Dismissal

Chris Wright

26th, September 2011


By Chris Wright


QPR manager Neil Warnock has vowed to fine Armand Traore ‘the most money that he possibly can’ after the left-back was sent-off in the final minute of the Hoops’ 1-1 draw with Aston Villa for a headlong, reckless lunge on Marc Albrighton.

The dismissal came minutes before Richard Dunne’s unfortunate own-goal equaliser, with QPR 1-0 down and chasing the game as the clock ticked over into stoppage time and Warnock (who was seen to grab Traore’s arm and administer a few choice words as he made his way from the pitch) was not best pleased with his players’ conduct, telling the BBC after the game:

“I just thought he was a disgrace, I will fine him as much as I possibly can. I told him to his face ‘you’ve let me down and you’ve let the team down’.

“As an opposition player when you are winning 1-0 away from home, that is what you want. I just think he was a bit thick and naive.

“I said to him ‘when we’re playing at Fulham next week what are you going to be doing?’ But he is learning. He is a good player and will be an even better one after that.”

If Pies were Traore, we’d avoid making eye contact with our manager for the next couple of days for fear of having them pulled out with knitting needles.

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  1. Redskywalker says:

    I dont think Lambasting your player in front of everyone is good way of getting him on your side. Crap man management if you ask me.

  2. CFC_Jay says:

    @ Redskywalker………….lol, have you heard of Neil Warnock dude? i doubt he cares either way about Traore being on of off his side. Traore was a silly boy regardless!

  3. romfordray says:

    AFC dodged a bullet with this moron. Glad he is QPR now. This is what has troubled Arsenal for the past few years. Privileged little boys that think they own the world. Bendtner, Traore, Nasri etc. Dumb fathermuckers.

  4. Conor says:

    Traoré actually had a great game yesterday. He was strong in the tackle, a threat going forward and was very unlucky to see the penalty being given against him. The challenge that got him send off was incredibly stupid however. Warnock is right with what he said, it was disgraceful. It was almost as if he wanted to be sent off.

  5. Redskywalker says:

    @cfc_jay yeah true. But just giving him a hiding behind closed doors (which he probably did as well..) would have been more appropriate. Thats one of the many differences between him and someone like Mourinho.

    Traore is a proper dumbass though lol.

  6. KINGB5115 says:

    Yet ANOTHER Richard Dunne OG? HAHA

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