MLS is so bad, it makes David Beckham looks like Zidane (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

2nd, November 2009


Beckham’s LA Galaxy drew 2-2 with Chivas USA in their MLS playoff opener, and Dave showed off the sort of tricks and flicks that Fabio Capello would surely frown on…

Fancy feet, Becks. MLS makes you look goooooood.

Match highlights below:

Hmm, dubious defending on all four goals.

PS. I don’t think MLS is so bad at all (the forward play is pretty good, but the defending is lower-league standard), but there’s no doubt Becks gets more time on the ball than he ever would in England, Spain or Italy.

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  1. Brent says:

    Haha. Saw that last night. MLS defending really is awful. Those mistakes for the goals would’ve given Newcastle-era Titus Bramble the chills.

  2. Meji says:

    Don’t hate. Let Becks do his thing lol. I don’t know about the time on the ball thing either..MLS is hustle and bustle football…The standard is not high but theres a lot of effort they do shut down quickly. He gets more time on the ball in Italy.

  3. Ollie says:

    @ Meji: Not hating for real – you know I’m not a hater. It’s just a long time since I’ve seen Becks pull any ‘moves’ like that.

  4. Ty says:

    Haha MLS is such a joke. The league itself has dubbed a match between Chivas USA and LA Galaxy “El Superclassico”!! And what a fantastic and heated derby it is indeed! That stadium was almost at 1/2 capacity!! And oh what history, they have been hotly contesting this derby for all of 6 seasons.

    Please just go away MLS. You make american soccer the laughing stock of the world. I mean there is a team called Real Salt Lake for christ sakes!

    We need a real league with relegation/promotion and individual team ownership.

  5. alex says:

    hey ty, well its easy to rip on a league you dont understand. just because its on tv and advertised a lot doesn’t mean that it should be under more intense ridicule. dont forget that the real premier league that exists today is just under 20 years old, and they had to start somewhere, so must the mls. once they gain a capital and solid fan base, then they can really have the freedom to choose.

  6. Mahrooz says:

    hahahahahah ! hahahahh ! Try this in the Epl or La Liga..omg !!

  7. Mac says:

    ZZ or not that was some pretty impressive skills for any footballer to pull off.fucking lovely bit of skill.

  8. Ty says:

    Alex, I agree that some of the MLS’s faults can be blamed on it being a young league. I just dont think that the MLS was created on a solid foundation. The MLS was constructed with too many elements of other American professional sports organizations such as conferences, playoffs, and colective ownership that do not translate well to the beautiful game. The MLS only borrows superficial elements from European leagues such as names i.e. Real Salt Lake, Huston Dynamo etc.

    I think that professional soccer in the US will only succeed as a carbon copy of the English football league system with relegation/promotion no East/West conferences etc.

    The American sports media is a problem as well. ESPN does not understand the game and they attempt to dumb down any coverage of soccer in the US. This is infuriating to me and im sure a lot of other American’s who know and love soccer. I don’t need John Harkes explaining the game of soccer to me fro 90 min every time I watch a WC qualifier. Just be quite and tell me who has the ball!

    Sorry. major soap box issue for me. haha

  9. Caleb says:

    I was looking at LA’s first goal (:58-1:10), never would’ve happened in Europe, any keeper in the top flight would’ve gone after that ball instead waiting for the shot.

  10. JT says:

    This is coming from a guy whose born and raised in the USA, has been through rec soccer, select/premier, Olympic developmental program, super y, Olympic developmental program travel teams, high school, professional at Cruz Azul while in high school, back to america to play college, then PDL…one real big reason the MLS struggles to show American Soccer in a good light on the world’s stage is because of how hard it is for truly good american players despite their race to play in the MLS because they don’t “know a guy” haha…Iv played with better players than most of the guys I see in the MLS and on the National team and they aren’t chosen simply because a coach promised a spot to a player they coached in college or something like that. It’s a shame how corrupt it is…go to a try out I know because I was once one of the guys a coach called before try-outs started and said “Hey, don’t worry you’ve already made the team but we need you to try-out so it’s legit”. Knowing I made the team Iv showed up to PDL tryouts and watch hundreds of players pay to tryout who were good but had no idea the team was already decided. These are new teams man with no previous rosters i.e. Austin aztecs and Baton Rouge Capitals haha its just messed up. Look at how many players in the MLS play at the universities their one of their coaches have coached at…gone are the days where you can tell your kid “practice and you will succeed”

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