Street Magician Dynamo Returns, Makes Gary Neville Swear Repeatedly (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Good news folks! Dynamo’s back, and this time his incredible card and shirt-based jiggery pokey is making Comrade Neville swear like a f**king navvy…

Thanks to Pies fan Tom for the nudge.

More of Dynamo’s Premier League bamboozlement on Pies…

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  1. pannas says:

    at the start, he is removing cards from the top, and then after he said stop he shows him the last card. that card never changed. it was always going ot be 6 of hearts

  2. Redskywalker says:

    Lol, this is guy is entertaining. How about some Redskywalker magic:

    I predict the next episode will be with Rio Ferdinand and Nani.

  3. Davy says:

    Hi Chris, on another note have you heard of this dude..Rémi GAILLARD he does some radge street football, check him out if you aint already

  4. Jay says:

    @Pannas: Cheers! Was genuinely baffled without the info though

  5. AGB says:

    I love watching Dynamo as it makes you think how he does it. Unless its just witchcraft!

    I reckon that Gary Neville who played right back for Man Utd for around 15 years was pretty likely to pick a red number 2 when he was asked to pick any card and sign it.

    So, does Dynamo have a 2 of hearts in one shoe and a 2 of diamonds in the other shoe, both with a scanned version of Nevilles signature printed on them provided by a willing stooge, and Dynamo then just kicks the pack with the correct foot. Then when he’s scanning the grond after kicking the pack, is he just checking that the card Neville has just signed which was placed back in the pck isn’t lying face up before takng his shoe off for the reveal?

    Only explanation I can think of. Unless he’s a witch…..BURRRN THE WITCH

  6. KingEric7 says:

    He looks like an AIDS Gary Neville

  7. tom says:

    this is the most famous ive ever felt!

  8. nath says:

    great magician hero to me in fact as ive got the same disease as him but i gotta admit quite an obvious hindu shuffle at the start

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