Retro Football: Fabio Capello Weeps As Marco Van Basten Retires, 1995 (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

After missing the entire 1993/94 season with a chronic ankle injury, Milan leggenda Marco van Basten was coerced into ruling himself out Holland’s ’94 World Cup squad that summer and was eventually forced to admit defeat in his bid to recover following several surgeries – officially announcing his retirement from the game (aged just 28) on August 17th, 1995 after spending another year in fruitless rehabilitation.

The Dutch artisan was paraded around the pitch at the San Siro one last time shortly after, which proved to be an occasion so emotionally weighted that it even cracked the stoic, paving-slab face of one Fabio Capello…

And it would surely be remiss to mention the great Van Basten without a little reminder of his genius…

Video shamelessly nabbed from @James_Dart

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  1. bucci says:

    i remember that day. still gives me chills

  2. Fuckin hell says:

    What a fucking player!

  3. Dale says:

    That’s nothing. I wept like a baby when David May left Man U.

  4. Miguel - NYC says:

    What a talent wasted on reckless fouls. Those effers in italy would aim at his ankles. They should have been jailed!
    And still, there are people out there who condone crazy fouls and players like Pepe.
    Like that player who broke Eduardo’s leg. The dumb ass said “he was too fast so i had no choice”. Yes u have a choice, don’t make the stupid foul!
    People like Van Basten, who make the game beautiful, should be protected.

  5. dennis says:

    Miguel – NYC
    The first, and most important, blow to his ankle was Van Bastens’ own fault. He made a bad tackle in a game against Groningen, injuring his ankle for the first time. The Italian defenders and the idiot doctors who treated him like a guinea pig did the rest.

  6. daniel4ing says:

    Kohler vs. Basten… I was lucky enough to be a Feyenoord supporter and see Kohler get his red card against Feyenoord in the UEFA cup final, which was Kohler’s last game. Karma is a bitch, I can’t stand that man as a footballer.

  7. it was sad missing a damn good player like Van in that manner. Do you know the 1994 world cup could have gone to Holland if Van was fit. Stupid foul on my great player indeed the fucker could have been arrested for that foul play on the artisan.

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