Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Trademark ‘Tomahawk’ Free-Kick vs Denmark (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

In which, with the clock running down to nothing, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps his ‘one in every hundred’ free-kick success ratio alive by pounding one of his trademark tomahawks into the top-corner from 30 metres rather than into the ribcage of some unlucky sod in the wall…

Considering the time on the clock, you’ll probably be unsurprised to find out that Portugal still lost despite Ronaldo’s late screamer, with goals from Michael Krohn-Deli and Nicklas Bendtner landing the Danes a place at Euro 2012 and nudging Portugal into the play-offs.

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  1. Kate says:

    60% hit the wall, 39% go into the stands behind … and the 1% that go in are world class … Kallstrom’s was a cracker too if you missed it

  2. Jono says:

    @Kate – You could say the same about all free kicks.

  3. Awesome goal from Mr. Ronaldo. Portugal have only just made the pay offs so theres a chance he wont be given the opportunity to reproduce this in the Euros.

  4. Papi says:

    How the hell a national team like Portugal fail to qualify directly is beyond me. But then again it seems like every nation have a player or two in top clubs now. Or at least Europe is getting more competitive. Good for Denmark though.

  5. Montesquieu says:

    “How the hell a national team like Portugal fail to qualify directly is beyond me.”

    Well it’s like England innit, for a team with such supposed world class players and reputation, always on the verge of winning every single tournament they enter; they generally put in more mediocre performances than good ones and tend to have some bad results against sides everyone thought they’d have an easy time with.

  6. KingEric7 says:

    @Kate – Show us yer taco

  7. fed up with paulo bento says:

    @papi it’s a problem that goes by the name of paulo bento who effectively banned their best defender and chose 2 idiots of rolando (not ronaldo) and bruno alves who are terrible. also he doesn;t call up chelsea starter bosingwa but chooses a hot head who sucks in joao pereira. Paulo Bento also has nack to choose a really terrible midfield player who thinks he can score 30 yards from goal named Carlos Martins. A lot of people say that Mourinho is the only good Portuguese coach there is (you can include his students like villas-boas) because he learned his stuff from Scotish coaching schools and english legends like Sir Bobby Robson while the other portuguese are basically idiots. trust me on this I am one of the lucky few Portuguese who didnt turn out to be an idiot, maybe because I grew up in the States and not in a country that has the lowest literacy rate in Western Europe.

  8. fed up with paulo bento says:

    Scratch that, lowest literacy rate of all Europe. Just checked the wikipedia for literacy rate and Portugal has the lowest of all European countries. It has a similar rate to Mexico or other 3rd world nations. Well I know a lot of Portuguese will take pride that they have a better literacy rate than Brazil. *rolls eyes* Plain and simple Portuguese coaches and people are idiots. The few exception are the Legend Mourinho and portuguese who grew up in countrys that actually care about reading and writing like the US, France or Canada.

  9. wolfinho says:

    national competitions usually have an equalizing effect because no team has a ton of chemistry. it’s why some teams are upset, even in the world cup, though they have much more quality per individual. perhaps why spain won the last one (a majority of the players coming from two/three club teams)?

  10. Fredmister says:

    @fed up with Paulo Bento

    You really dont like Paulo Bento do you?

    Agree with you though, without Carvalho your defense is just a psychotic alien head and his thuggish mates.

  11. fed up with thyself says:

    Literacy rate? Mas que merda…?

    I would eloquently retort to your flawed thesis if I had grown up caring about reading or writing like people do in the US, France or Canada; instead, I am just, basically, an idiot.

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