Dumbass Chivas Guadalajara Players Stage ‘Mock Gunshot Execution’ Goal Celebration (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Seems that this little post-goal charade has caused a bit of a stir down Mexico way, see if you can fathom why…

That’s right, it’s because Chivas Guadalajara pair Marco Fabian and Alberto Medina staged a carefully-choreographed ‘mock gunshot execution’ to celebrate the former’s goal in their side’s 5-2 victory over Tecos yesterday evening.

I mean, come on. It’s not like gun crime is that big of a problem in Mexico at the moment is it?


Spectacularly inappropriate.

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  1. Madjair says:

    That’s quite bizarre…How about that pink ball they’re playing with, that’s almost as awful as the goal celebration.

  2. MessiBalls says:

    Knob art.

    A million other celebrations to choose from and the pricks do this one.

    Yep, should be working for the Mexican Tourism Board

  3. Dagoberto says:

    Couldn’t this be construed as a social statement? I mean, I don’t know the whole story, but when I was watching the match, I thought it was a statement, not an insensitive gesture. K. I’ll wait for a reply. <3

  4. Montesquieu says:


    Bodies are turning up decapitated in the streets, people are kidnapped every day, tourists are being slaughtered in hotel rooms and you’re
    saying this is a social statement?

    Mexico obviously can’t deal with the violence of what is happening at the moment within their own borders. The police is corrupt and the army is just as inept at doing anything about it.

    If it is, it’s still in bad taste. One way or another, I don’t get how this is a statement.

    Personally I think these two prats think this is clever, I do hope that they’re given a serious punishment for this stupidity.

  5. Eroc says:

    @ Madjair: The pink ball is part of a campaign to raise awareness and offer support for breast cancer.

  6. Winston McGillicuddy says:

    He was only firing blanks FFS!

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol loving the knobs who actually take this goal celebration seriously

  8. ^^Agreed
    Not a statement and honestly, not that big of a deal

  9. njas2000 says:

    Goal celebration 127 in PES

  10. sloth says:

    At least they aren’t pretending to be Shakira…

  11. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Does this have something to do with Paraguay’s Salvador Cabanas being shot in the head in Mexico City last year? Either way, poor, poor taste. Footballers are just as idiotic as the general population but their actions are only magnified like a thousand times more.

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