Dog Runs On To Pitch During Copa Sudamericana Match, Taunts Players And Officials With Canine Impudence (Video)

Alan Duffy

26th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

Ah that perennially heart-warming animal-on-a-football-pitch story!

Well, here’s the latest to put a simpering smile on your face. During a Copa Sudamericana game between Santa Fé and Botafogo, a canine whippersnapper decided to indulge in a bit of player and official baiting. Wandering around the pitch for a good three minutes, the dog amused the fans by deftly evading any attempt to catch him before eventually tiring of the whole charade and exiting the pitch.

Watch out for the steward who seems to confuse dogs with bulls and waves a red bag at the mutt…