Mauro Camoranesi Sees Red For Nasty Tackle, Kicks Prone Opponent In The Face On His Way Off (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Now aged 35 and winding his career down in Argentina with Lanus, you’ll be glad to know that Mauro Camoranesi is still a dirty bastard when it counts – i.e, when his opponent’s are lying prone on the ground.

During Wednesday night’s match against Racing Club, Camoranesi butchered Patricio Toranzo to the turf with a rash, late tackle, was brandished with a red card and then stomped over to finish the job by clouting Toranzo across the face with his size 9’s while the Racing midfielder lay sprawled out on the pitch.

Just in this interests of restoring equilibrium, Toranzo then got himself sent off for screaming in the referee’s face for a couple of minutes…

Video: 101GG