World Record For Long-Range Header Broken Again, Now Stands At Colossal 58.6 Metres (Video)

Chris Wright

31st, October 2011


By Chris Wright

You may remember us telling you all about Odd Grenland midfielder Jone Samuelson a month or so ago, i.e, the Nordic chap that headed home from his own half to set the world record at 57.3 metres – well forget that chump!

The world of steel-necked goalscorers has a new hero, namely Fagiano Okayama (of the J League) defender Ryujiro Ueda who notched the only goal of ther game with his bonce from a mammoth 58.6 metres out against Yokohama FC at the weekend.

However, we can’t help but feel that the truly shocking Yokohama ‘keeper deserves at least some of the credit…

Fagiano club officials aren’t expected to apply for a Guinness world record as the goal was basically due to embarrassing goalkeeping, though the J League themselves apparently don’t give a monkey’s about the dunce between the Yokohama sticks. They’re pressing right on ahead in trying to verify Ueda’s effort.